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Pillars Athletics training is built around a philosophy that aims to empower every individual to believe in themselves and demonstrate consistency.

featured PROGRAMS

some of our featured programs

personal training

Starting a workout program can be tough and working with a Personal Trainer can be intimidating, that is why Pillars Training comes to you. Our convenient customized
programs are designed to meet your goals on your schedule.

athletic training

You do not need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from sport-specific training. Whether you are a beginning runner, an accomplished soccer player, or just want to be better at your basketball games, we program designed for all levels.

fat loss management

Sustaining weight loss is not achieved by only eating healthy, many believe you can achieve fat loss goals by diet change alone. The real answer is NO! To manage and maintain fat loss, you must first understand your body type. Each body type differs in recommended calorie intake, portion size.

“I believe that anyone can reach their fitness goals as long as they believe in themselves.”


A friend encouraged me to try Amara’s Saturday Morning Kickass Bootcamp and 6 months later I’m still making it a priority to kick off the weekend with Amara! His workouts are always interesting and challenging. He meets me where I am and pushes me to be better. I’ve worked with a number of trainers over the years and have never had a more positive experience or better results than I’m getting with Amara.

Angie Ryter

Amara is a wonderful asset to the health and wellbeing of our community. He has been a generous contributor to my nonprofit and is known for showing support and strength. He is a dedicated worker and knowledgeable in his profession.

Hollie Mae Schultz

I have personally trained with Amara for many years and recommended him to others. Amara also works with people from ClLIENTEK in group training sessions. His results are incredible, produced through attention to your goals and specific needs. Want to gain.

Kirk Hoaglund

I met Amara in the summer of 2013. I had signed up for a 6-week boot camp class and Amara was one of the instructors. I was active at the time but was not physically or mentally prepared for what boot camp offered. The 6-week class was intense but I pushed my way through. I saw a huge difference in my physical appearance and overall endurance. That year I ran my fastest 10k ever! Once boot camp ended I continued my training with Amara………..

Julia Boney